The Portal Bridge: An Explainer

Amtrak’s Portal Bridge is one of those innocent facets of life you pass by, usually without noticing. However, if you mention it around any commuters from New Jersey, they will begin to shake their heads in agony.

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NJ Transit on-time performance hits new low

Following a low on-time performance rating for New Jersey Transit in April 2017, May’s statistics look no better. Only 86.9% of New Jersey Transit’s trains were on time (arriving within six minutes of schedule) within the month of May 2017, as compared to 87.1% in April, and 93.5% in March. This is largely due to many incidents on Amtrak-owned territory, which have severe effects on NJ Transit’s service.

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MTA releases summer service plan for LIRR commuters

At a press conference on Monday morning, the MTA unveiled its summer service plans for Long Island Rail Road commuters who will be adversely affected by Amtrak’s “summer of hell” Penn Station repair program. The LIRR announced its plans a week after New Jersey Transit and Amtrak released their schedules.

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