Sally Librera appointed as first woman to lead NYC subways

New York City Transit President Andy Byford has begun to make key staff changes at the troubled agency charged with running the City’s subway, bus, and paratransit systems.

Sarah “Sally” Librera, chief of the Staten Island Railway, has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Subways, the highest M.T.A. official responsible for the system. The current subways head, Frank Jezycki, will report to her as the new Chief Operating Officer.

The organizational changes were first reported by the New York Post.

Librera, who has worked at the M.T.A. in various positions since 2004, is the fifth person to hold the job in the last six years.

Byford told the Post that, “[y]ou just get way better decisions if you have women – and for that matter, people of color – on your executive team, rather than if you just have a team of clones of white men.”


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