M.T.A. report shines light on signal woes at Bergen Street

On Monday, the M.T.A. released a two page report shining a light on the recent signal woes at Bergen Street F/G station in Brooklyn, as first noted by The Big Board.

On March 15, and again on April 5, the signals failed where the F and G trains meet near Bergen Street, leading to hours of delays for riders.

The signal system was only installed in 2006, following a 1999 fire in the old signal control room.

The lead contractor on the project was Thales, currently one of only two companies working on upgrading the signals across the sprawling subway system.

The agency made a quick decision to try and “reboot” the signal system at around 2 p.m. on April 6, to hopefully avoid future issues. The report mentions that future “periodic interruptions will likely be needed,” in order to keep the relatively new, 12-year old system working.

There are, for now, signal maintainers on-site at the station 24/7 to respond faster to issues, according to the report.

It also made reference to a “five-year modernization plan,” to be released in the coming months, which will upgrade signals systemwide to new technology.

“We won’t stop until we have your trust to get you where you’re going,” the report concluded.


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