M.T.A. launches new bus dashboard amid falling ridership

At Thursday’s board committee meeting, the M.T.A. announced the launch of a new transparency measure for bus riders: a dashboard showing key metrics such as average bus speed and the percent of service delivered.

The dashboard can give you new information about the system’s performance, and is similar to ones that exists for subway and paratransit customers. However, unlike the subway dashboard, you cannot view statistics for individual bus routes.

“This new tool will help us measure and track the customer experience in meaningful ways that will help lead to improvements in the system,” said Andy Byford, president of New York City Transit.

The city bus system has been struggling as of late, with a 1.3% reduction in average weekday ridership on local buses, in 2017 compared to 2016. Transit advocates launched the Bus Turnaround Coalition late last year, and released their own assessment of each of the city’s bus routes.

The M.T.A. dashboard is visible at busdashboard.mta.info.

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