New NYC Transit Head Byford: “Watch this space!”

“It was flawless.”

So responded incoming New York City Transit president Andy Byford, to how his first commute was to the agency’s headquarters in Bowling Green.

D and F trains preparing to depart from Coney Island-Stillwell
Photo Credit: MTA New York City Transit / Marc A. Hermann

Mr. Byford has global experience as a transit executive, having previously worked at Transport for London, a six year bout at two railroads in Australia, and most recently, having led the Toronto Transit Commission for the past seven years.

The embattled New York City Transit Authority has faced months of setbacks, including an almost eleven percent increase in subway major weekday incidents over the past year, a public outcry over its paratransit services, and a declining bus network. It is in this precarious situation that Byford takes the helm.

He emphasized during an impromptu press conference that he was not hired to, “maintain the status quo,” and was planning changes to try and improve the agency for riders. Byford signed off an internal memo to all Transit employees saying to, “Watch this space!”

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