MTA releases action plan for paratransit services

At today’s MTA board meeting, the agency released an action plan about how to improve its paratransit services.

The plan comes on the heels of two board meetings with overflow crowds of paratransit users, pointing out flaws in the current system with personal stories. At the May MTA board meeting, the sheer number of public speakers overwhelmed the board, causing the meeting to run for almost three hours.

The MTA is aiming in the coming months to improve the service mainly by the use of new technology, including upgraded GPS and e-hail systems. These tools are already released on a limited basis, but the agency is aiming for more users to be onboarded in late 2017. A new website will be also be launched for the service, including features such as a “Manage My Trip” function to reduce call center volume, a “Where’s My Vehicle” feature to monitor vehicles, and on-demand trip booking. The MTA is also looking to introduce over 400 new Access-A-Ride vehicles, in order to modernize their fleet.

You can view the full MTA presentation on Access-A-Ride and its other paratransit services here.

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