Cuomo moves to strengthen his control of the MTA’s board

On Tuesday afternoon, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a press release calling for two new seats on the MTA’s board, which would be controlled by the Governor.

Currently, there are fourteen seats on the MTA board, with six appointed by the Governor, four by the Mayor, and the rest covered by the suburban counties surrounding New York City. This means that there is no majority — something that Cuomo wants to change by adding two new members, who would appointed by himself.

Recently, the MTA has faced an uphill battle with repeated delays on the subways, but Cuomo has done his best to sidestep the issue, and not confront indirectly. Cuomo stated in the press release that “The MTA is in a state of crisis,” but it is unclear if the Governor is ready to take a leadership role and tackle the MTA’s issues head on.

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