NJ Transit on-time performance hits new low

Following a low on-time performance rating for New Jersey Transit in April 2017, May’s statistics look no better. Only 86.9% of New Jersey Transit’s trains were on time (arriving within six minutes of schedule) within the month of May 2017, as compared to 87.1% in April, and 93.5% in March. This is largely due to many incidents on Amtrak-owned territory, which have severe effects on NJ Transit’s service.

Digging deeper into the data, performance during certain parts of the day have also been experiencing issues. An abysmal 46.2% of AM Peak trains bound for Penn Station were on time during May, followed by a slightly better rating in the PM Peak of 71.7%.

Amtrak has been planning for months to engage in an intensive maintenance program over the summer at Penn Station, which will hopefully lead to better on-time performance for the three railroads that use the hub. The repairs have caused significant service changes for NJ Transit, as well as the Long Island Rail Road.

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