Amtrak to divert Empire Service trains to Grand Central

In preparation for the upcoming “summer of hell” track repair program at New York Penn Station, Amtrak has announced more details about their summer schedule.

Amtrak, the owner and operator of Penn Station, will be diverting some of its trains, specifically the “Empire Service” route to the MTA’s Grand Central Terminal. The line, which includes three daily roundtrips, will be originating and terminating at Grand Central Terminal. This diversion will help to relieve congestion at Penn Station, in part because these trains can only use certain platforms at the station. Thus, by diverting the trains, these normally “reserved” platforms will be able to be used by other trains. MTA Long Island Rail Road and New Jersey Transit, the two other railroads that operator in and out of Penn, have unveiled their summer service plans over the past week, to notify their customers before maintenance work starts on July 10.

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