NJ Lawmakers tour Penn Station

On Friday afternoon, top New Jersey lawmakers probing the recent commuting delays toured New York Penn Station with New Jersey Transit and Amtrak officials. The legislators included those from New Jersey’s Senate Legislative Oversight and Assembly Judiciary Committees, led by Assemblyman John McKeon and State Senator Bob Gordon.

The group traveled to New York in a special train car, which allowed for passengers to see the infrastructure they were passing through. In particular, flood lights were lit up in the Hudson River tunnels, to see the deterioration of the 100+ year old tubes, which was further affected by Superstorm Sandy.

At a joint press conference, the lawmakers expressed strong feelings towards the situation, which they regarded as untenable and intolerable. McKeon said in a statement that the infrastructure was in “unacceptable state of disrepair”. It was made clear that the inspection tour helped to illuminate the difficulties faced by commuters, and the reasons why Amtrak needs to undertake a large repair program this July and August at the station.

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