Amtrak Officials Questioned by NY Lawmakers

In a hearing similar to the one in New Jersey about a few weeks ago, top Amtrak executives were questioned today by New York lawmakers about the recent issues plaguing New York Penn Station.

This morning, Amtrak CEO Charles “Wick” Moorman and COO Scot Naparstek appeared at a public hearing of the New York State Assembly’s Standing Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions. The executives were faced with angered lawmakers, after weeks of delays, derailments, signal issues, and other problems at Amtrak’s New York Penn Station. Moorman stated in his defense that his agency’s hard work is what leads to, “[…] Long Island Rail Road and New Jersey Transit’s better than 90% on-time annual performance records for their services over Amtrak lines”.

At the hearing, Moorman came with new ideas about how to better manage Penn Station. He proposed the creation of a private entity to “unify concourse management and operations” and had invited the LIRR and NJ Transit to join in on the effort. The purpose of the entity is to better coordinate the different passenger concourses, which are currently controlled in an inefficient, piecemeal fashion.

Moorman closed by emphasizing the importance of the Gateway project, and how expanding capacity in different ways is essential for the future functioning of the station.

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